Encouraging active transport

Encouraging cycling and walking will improve mobility, reduce the cost of living and help us to build a happier and healthier city.

I will work to encourage active transport, including cycling, walking and e-scooters, through:

  • Building an interconnected network of safe, separated cycle lanes, with public charging points for e-bikes.
  • Installing safe and secure storage facilities for bicycles throughout the city.
  • Helping people to buy e-bikes through ‘try-before-you-buy’ schemes.
  • Setting up a city-wide share scheme for e-bikes.
  • Building the Battery Point Walkway.
  • Requiring new apartment buildings and office buildings to have secure, undercover bicycle parking.

Expanding and electrifying public transport

Better public transport will reduce carbon emissions, improve access and help us to build a more vibrant city.

I will work to create a fully-integrated, zero-emission public transport system that works for everyone through:

  • Expanding the ferry network, with electric ferries running up and down the river.
  • Converting the bus fleet to clean, quiet and zero-emission buses.
  • Getting light rail running along the Northern Suburbs Railway.
  • Increasing access through on-demand public transport (“Uber buses”).
  • Allowing bicycles to be carried for free on buses and ferries.
  • Establishing park-and-ride schemes to reduce car traffic in the CBD.

Encouraging people to make the switch to electric vehicles

With our abundant renewable energy, Tasmania can be a leader in the rollout of electric vehicles. However, the high up-front cost and the lack of public charging infrastructure is preventing many people from making the switch.

I will work to encourage the transition to electric vehicles through:

  • Providing more charging points in public car parks.
  • Offering discounted parking rates in public car parks for electric vehicles.
  • Setting up car share schemes for electric vehicles.
  • Allowing the public to propose new locations for public charging points.
  • Ensuring that all City of Hobart vehicles are electric.

Improving the energy efficiency of our homes

Improving the energy efficiency of our homes will make them more comfortable and reduce energy bills.

I will work to improve our homes through:

  • Implementing minimum energy efficiency standards for all new homes.
  • Providing incentives, such as reduced rates, for owners to upgrade existing homes.
  • Requiring energy ratings of houses to be assessed when being sold or leased.
  • Implementing minimum energy efficiency standards for rental properties.
  • Upgrading existing social housing to ensure it is energy efficient.
  • Making basic home insulation kits available for free.

Unlocking the potential of solar power

Solar power will reduce our carbon emissions and give us access to cheaper electricity.

I will work to unlock the potential of solar power through:

  • Installing more solar panels on council buildings and council land.
  • Offering financing, such as interest-free loans, to help people to install solar panels on their homes.
  • Installing community batteries so that everyone can share the benefits.
  • Creating a website to allow people to develop personalised energy transition plans.
  • Offering public recycling facilities for solar panels.

Building a greener and more sustainable city

A well-designed city is more sustainable, more resilient, happier and more vibrant.

I will work to build a greener and more sustainable city through:

  • Addressing the housing crisis and tackling the cost of living by building more medium-density housing.
  • Ensuring that new housing is concentrated in inner city areas and along transport corridors.
  • Preserving the unique characteristics of our city by supporting appropriate development.
  • Ensuring that our shopping streets are safe and inviting, through initiatives such as planting more trees.
  • Protecting and expanding our green spaces.

Enhancing Hobart’s status as a city of science and culture

Hobart is a unique city: a gateway to Antarctica, a global hub for climate and marine science and home to a thriving cultural scene.

I will work to promote and enhance Hobart’s status as a city of science and culture through:

  • Supporting development of the proposed Antarctic and Science Precinct at Macquarie Point.
  • Supporting Hobart’s cultural scene through ongoing sponsorship of festivals such as Dark Mofo and the Festival of Voices.
  • Supporting art and community projects through funding schemes such as the Creative Hobart Grants.
  • Supporting local produce through Salamanca Market and events such as the Taste of Summer.

Image credit: Mid March 2005 – Late afternoon Panorama of Hobart from Mt Wellington, Tasmania, Australia by aussiejeff, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons