I’m Steven Phipps and I’m running as an independent candidate for Hobart City Council.

As a climate scientist with more than 20 years of experience, I understand the challenges of climate change. I want to work together with the community to transform Hobart into a zero-carbon city.

If elected, I will work hard to:

  • Encourage active transport
  • Expand and electrify public transport
  • Encourage people to make the switch to electric vehicles
  • Improve the energy efficiency of our homes
  • Unlock the potential of solar power
  • Build a greener and more sustainable city
  • Enhance Hobart’s status as a city of science and culture

I am a genuinely independent candidate who will always act with integrity, honesty and transparency. I will bring a positive, evidence-based approach to politics, with a focus on finding practical solutions to problems. I want to work together with everyone in the community and, if elected, I will work openly and collaboratively with all members of council.

I know that the people of Hobart are enormously passionate about their city. During the coming weeks, I look forward to having a conversation with you about your vision of a zero-carbon Hobart. Together, we can build a city that is more livable, more vibrant, happier and healthier.

Image credit: Mid March 2005 – Late afternoon Panorama of Hobart from Mt Wellington, Tasmania, Australia by aussiejeff, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons